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Summer Bond Projects Planned Around EMS 老司机福利社

As we transition into a summer schedule, you will notice a lot of activity taking place at campuses across EMS 老司机福利社. Much of this work is general summer maintenance and cleaning in preparation for the 2024-2025 school year, but there are also some significant projects related to the 2023 and 2017 bond programs. In a few cases, it will mean the administration from that school will move into temporary summer offices located at a different campus while work is underway. 

Roof and HVAC Replacements 

Highland Middle School and Saginaw Elementary School will undergo roof and roof top HVAC unit replacements. Creekview Middle School will also receive new rooftop HVAC units. Work on these projects began this week. While this taking place, the administration and front office staff at these campuses are working in temporary locations. 

  • Creekview Middle School is located at Ed Willkie Middle School 
  • Highland Middle School is located next door at High Country Elementary School 
  • Saginaw Elementary School is still on campus in the Sue Taylor Price Building located on Bluebonnet Street. 

If you need to call these campuses, you can continue to use the normal phone number as their school phones have been forwarded to their temporary location. Staff will remain in these temporary offices until the middle of June. We will let you know when they plan to return to their front office space on campus. 

Also, as part of this work, you may notice helicopters flying around these schools. The helicopters are needed to place the new HVAC units on the roofs. This process is interesting and fun to watch, but as a safety precaution, we do ask that people stay off school grounds when the helicopters are working. The community is invited to watch the helicopters lift air conditioning units into place at Highland Middle School on June 13 at 8 a.m. Anyone interested in watching can do so safely from High Country Elementary, located next door to Highland MS. These roofing and HVAC projects are part of the 2017 Bond. 

Safety and Security 

Secured Vestibule Buzz-in System

Work will take place throughout the summer installing secured vestibule buzz-in systems at the middle and high school campuses. With this added layer of safety, visitors to the campus will be able to access the vestibule but will need to be buzzed into the front office. This safety feature is already in place at EMS 老司机福利社 elementary schools. 

Playground resurfacing will take place at Elkins, Bryson, Chisholm Ridge, High Country, Comanche Springs, Gililland,and Northbrook elementary schools. This work will replace the wood chips on the playground with a soft, ADA accessible turf-like surface. The remaining elementary campuses will have this work done in the summer of 2025. 

Both safety and security facility projects are part of the 2023 Bond.