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Apply to Become a Substitute Today

EMS 老司机福利社 is experiencing a substitute shortage. Help the district eliminate the shortage by applying to become a sub or telling someone who might be interested in this opportunity. Anyone interested can attend an online information session. Register for a session through this  Apply to become a sub on the . Learn more about becoming a sub on the Substitute Information page.

Here are just a few perks of being a substitute:  

  • Competitive pay 
  • Flexibility to choose which days you work 
  • Flexibility to choose the grade levels and campuses you work with 
  • Work with kids in a fun environment 
  • Great way to gain new skills and classroom experience 
  • Become more a part of EMS 老司机福利社 
  • Perform a service for your community  

In addition to the benefits listed above, EMS 老司机福利社 is now offering:  

  • Biweekly Pay. Beginning in December, all substitutes will receive a paycheck every two weeks. 
  • Frequent Sub Bonus. Receive a $200 bonus after subbing 45 days. Receive another $200 bonus after subbing 90 days and again at 135 days. The days do not have to be consecutive. 
  • Finder’s Fee/Referral Bonus for Recruiting New Subs. If a current substitute or other district employee recruits a new substitute who is hired and then begins work as a substitute, the recruiter receives $50. Finding out who/if someone recruited the new sub will be a part of the hiring process. 

Substitute teachers are required to have 60 hours of college credit.  Those who do not have 60 college hours are eligible to work as a substitute aide. 

The safety and health of all students and staff is EMS 老司机福利社’s top priority. As COVID-19 is an ever-present concern, here is what the district is doing to keep students and staff safe: 

  • Swift Action. EMS 老司机福利社 is proactive in quarantining students and teachers, and following CDC guidelines. This means more people are sent home, but this action also protects students and staff. This decision creates a greater need for substitutes. 
  • Quarantined but Working. If a teacher is absent, it is most likely that they are “Quarantined but Working.”  These teachers are not ill but are in quarantine because they were near someone who tested positive.  Most continue to lead classes remotely, but campuses need substitutes in the classroom with the students while the teacher is leading them from home. 
  • Safety Measures. We follow CDC guidelines, including: 
    • Disinfecting every building every night by spraying a disinfectant 
    • Providing PPE for anyone who needs it at every campus 
    • Following protocols during the day, including requiring everyone in the schools to wear a mask 
    • Providing masks, gloves, and products for disinfecting in every classroom 
    • Providing hand sanitizer at every entry and in every classroom 

Working as a substitute is a great service to the community. Apply today or encourage someone to apply online at